How to build a mobile app with no time, experience but at least knowing React 🤷‍♂️



Things I've talked about:

  • Scenario in which we have 2 months to build our app 😬

  • 4 options for building our app. 2 "useless" options (looking at the fact that we have 2 months to build it): Native or Compiled app and 2 "useful" options: Hybrid app or PWA. More info on every of them.

  • Hybrid looks like the best option for our scenario.

  • More on Capacitor and Ionic - technologies we can use.

  • Setting up our app and looking into the code.

  • The rest is classic web app creation with a bit of help...

  • Then we do the deployment and app release 🚀

  • This is how we get our app (hopefully on deadline).

  • Couple of FYIs (adding Capacitor to existing project easily, omitting app's review while updating our app, and easily making PWA from our Hybrid app).

  • Small contest and Q&A 🥳

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